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Who Are We

Who We Are

Universal Baby is a public health intervention that leverages technology to share current neuroscience about how caregivers across the globe, can enhance their children’s brain development during the first two years of life, within their own cultural contexts.

How does it work?


Universal Baby reduces the distance between the science of early childhood development and the user. Using video and mobile technology, local implementers capture authentic, culturally-relevant examples of caregivers engaged in interactions with their child that optimize a child’s cognitive, social and motor development. Videos are then cataloged and quickly edited into short, compelling segments that include local voices and country-specific messages.


Partners  can select viewing material according to the specific needs of a family or community. Viewers are then able to learn about and enhance their care giving for strong child development. These brief videos can be efficiently disseminated via cell phones, computer tablets, local media, and video monitors in a variety of settings such as clinics, home visits, early childhood groups, schools, universities, community centers, CBOs, churches, etc.

This project is an international collaboration that draws on the experience and expertise of child development practitioners, public health experts, policy makers, early educators, clinical specialists, and academic researchers around the globe.

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