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Putting the focus on caregiver-child interaction

At Universal Baby we believe that responsive interactions between caregivers and young children happen in many different ways, everyday, and everywhere.


Our Vision

All caregivers gain access to neurodevelopmental science.

All children benefit from early interactions that activate early childhood development.

Expanded global knowledge about cultural variation and ways to effectively adapt programmes for child development
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Our Mission

Partner with organizations around the world that seek to empower communities from the ground-up 

Spotlight the urgent neurodevelopmental needs of children during their earliest year of life

Lift up existing practices of responsive caregiver-child interaction that occur naturally within any cultural context or language

Connect practice to science so that caregivers know the power they have to shape their child's future 

To catalyze change  recognize the importance of starting with the caregivers themselves, as the agents of change within their own communities

Rooted in Science

At Universal Baby we believe that nurturing environments (good health, adequate nutrition, opportunities for early learning, responsive caregiving, and security and safety) in the early years can support children to reach their full developmental potential.

Our video tools showcase responsive caregiving and the many different ways it shows up around the world.

Our Collaborators

We collaborate with health care providers, educators, child development partners and families around the globe.

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